Xlash Cosmetics

Xlash is an international success with 3.8 million customers worldwide. The company was founded with the goal of creating an affordable and safe serum for longer eyelashes and eyebrows, with scientifically proven ingredients. They continue to inspire women through their growth.

A close and fun project where we were involved mainly in various functions within their e-commerce. Here we have worked on optimizing their e-commerce platform, logistics, order flow, payment solutions and much more. Our cooperation does not end there. Together with Xlash, we work continuously with further development, optimization and digital marketing.


Owns, operates and develops regional and local electricity grids and distributes electricity. The company is owned by a consortium consisting of the Swedish pension administrators Tredje AP-fonden, Folksam and Första AP-fonden

A project that was focused on the design and layout of 'My Pages' for both private and business customers. An interface that was easy to navigate and contained the functions that their customers requested. The purpose was to direct customer-related questions to this platform from their customer service and in this way increase customer satisfaction by offering a fact base with answers to the most common questions.


Drosselmeyer is a Swedish design and innovation company that manufactures kitchen utensils and home furnishings. With 20 years of experience, they are experts in function. Drosselmeyer nutcrackers have received awards for their thoughtful design and won best-in tests for nutcrackers worldwide

Drosselmeyer came to us and needed help and support with several parts of his business. We helped with both major transformations and smaller parts of their e-commerce and marketing.


Sweden's largest online celebrity magazine! Stoppa Pressarna is always current and updated with the latest news every day - all year round.

We have had a long collaboration with Stoppa Pressarna over 5 years, where we have been involved in large parts of the further development of the website.
Since its launch in 2013, the site has grown ever larger and constantly delivers hot news seven days a week all year round.
With its revealing rap journalism and sharp analyzes of the celebrity world, Stoppa Pressarna today attracts more visitors than ever.

In the spring of 2022, Stoppa Pressarna broke traffic records with a whopping 948,556 unique browsers in one and the same week.
Today we manage the website and work regularly to further develop services within the platform.